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Create Your Dreamy Pool in Your Backyard with Trinity Outdoor Living
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A Dreamy Swimming Pool In Backyard
20 Jun 2023  /  by Trinity Outdoor Living   /   0 Comments

Imagine stepping out your back door into a lush, resort-style backyard featuring your very own custom designed pool and amenity-loaded outdoor living space. As you walk down the pathways, the sweet scent of flowers blossoming in your backyard garden alongside the pool, fills the air with nice scent. You arrive at the dazzling blue waters beckoning before you and pause to take a look at the scene – this is your own private vacation paradise. With creative vision and thoughtful planning during project planning & design build-out, you can craft the ultimate backyard pool tailored for enjoyment, entertainment for you, your family and guests.

Yearning for that elusive week-long escape from the monotony of daily life? Imagine turning that fleeting pleasure into a perpetual year-round lifestyle of tranquility, all within your own doorstep. Embrace resort-style living right outside your back door, and you might find yourself less inclined to crave those distant exotic vacations.

When conceptualizing your ideal pool, consider more than just a mere water-filled recess in the ground. Envision the intricate tile work, the ambient lighting, the captivating water features, and the synergy with landscaping, gardening, and even an outdoor kitchen. The possibilities are vast; elevate your pool beyond the ordinary, transforming it into a multifaceted oasis of indulgence.

Illuminate Your Poolscape in Style 

Take your backyard oasis to the next level once the sun goes down by implementing thoughtfully designed pool lighting. Strategic lighting transforms not just the pool itself, but the entire landscape into a gorgeous gathering place ideal for evening enjoyment and family relaxation time. Select from various options of pool lighting that enhances the aesthetic appeal and also extends your swimming pleasure.

Consider the charm of LED pool lights, offering energy efficiency and a spectrum of customizable colors to set the perfect mood for any occasion. For a more subtle and magical glow, opt for fiber optic pool lights, creating an ethereal ambiance without the need for electricity near the water.

Floating pool lights add a touch of whimsy to your aquatic haven, providing a portable and playful solution. From vibrant orbs to elegant lanterns, these lights enhance the visual allure of your pool gatherings.

Beyond the pool, low voltage accent lighting transforms the entire outdoor space. Illuminate pathways, highlight your garden’s beauty, and create inviting retreats in your outdoor seating areas. Professional installation ensures not only optimal functionality but also adherence to safety standards, ensuring a well-lit and secure environment in your backyard.

Gorgeous Water Features

The sound of gently bubbling water and the shade from a large tree provides the perfect spot to relax. Water feature gives your pool a focal point, creates & enhances the ambiance.

Serene fountain spouts…gentle waterfalls tumbling over rock formations…or sleek edge designs. Integrating moving water elements into your backyard poolscape instantly enhances aesthetic appeal along and adds up to your poolside enjoyment. The pleasant sights and soothing sounds of flowing water create an oasis effect spurring relaxation. Water features also introduce striking vertical design and texture contrast against the pool’s horizontal plane.

Installing a waterfall or two takes your poolscape to the next dramatic level. Mini waterfalls work well elevated in corners or along select edges of large pools. For backyard grandeur, construct a larger waterfall as the central focus surrounding by lush plants and rock formations. Incorporate interesting textures and colors using stone, pebbles or glass tiles in the façade. Strategically placed LED lighting behind or within the waterfall amps up the wow factor after dark.

Bubblers & Fountains Galore. Installing bubblers or fountains sends rejuvenating streams of gently moving water throughout the pool. Strategic placement in shallower lounging zones or deeper areas for diving down and playing in the current is a good piece of enjoyment.

Custom Water Features. Beyond traditional options, customized water features specifically tailored to your site specifications, style preferences or even whimsical wishes provide unique possibilities. Collaboration between skilled pool contractors and water feature artisans turn the most ambitious requests into reality. Hand crafted rockscapes, sensational slides, boulder accents and plant integration enhance tailored waterfall facades. Mosaic glass, ceramic or custom artistic tiles add personalized beauty to spillways or fountain accoutrements built on site.

Warm Up Poolside with a Crackling Fireplace

Gather evenings around the glow of your very own backyard fireplace blending imposing style with inviting warmth. As an architectural anchor adjoining poolscapes, masonry fireplaces craft cozy atmospheres perfect for people watching the swimmers or gazing at the flickering flames. Choose durable natural stones like granite, quartz or limestone blocks for the façade and chimney stretching eye-catchingly skyward.

Imagine cool evenings spent gathered around the flickering flames, creating a captivating atmosphere for socializing with family and friends. The firepit becomes the hub of your outdoor gatherings, that encourages conversation and shared moments. Arrange comfortable seating around the firepit to complete the intimate setting.

Outdoor Kitchens To Elevate Dining & Entertainment

Eating outside is nice, but you can really bring your family together by making meal prep an outdoor experience. An outdoor kitchen is a dream come true for an experienced chef and will make your house the #1 destination for backyard parties.

Imagine sizzling steaks, vibrant vegetables, and the enticing aroma of a barbecue wafting through the air as you entertain family and friends. Create a seamless transition from your indoor kitchen to the great outdoors, embracing alfresco dining at its finest.

Transform your backyard into a culinary exquisite place with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Going beyond the standard grilling setup, this outdoor kitchen brings a touch of luxury to your outdoor living space. Tailor your outdoor kitchen to match your cooking preferences. Integrate built-in grills, smokers, and pizza ovens for a versatile cooking experience. Ample counter space, sinks, and storage ensure a smooth cooking process, allowing you to prepare and serve delicious meals with ease.

Embrace the joys of outdoor cooking, entertain effortlessly, and turn your backyard into a year-round haven for culinary delights.